UL508 to be Obsoleted

UL 60947 is the harmonization of Industrial Control Equipment UL 508 with the selected IEC standard for Low-Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear IEC 60947.

Product standards that currently reference UL 508 will be revised to include these harmonized standards. These harmonization efforts have resulted in several new UL standards.  One of the new standards, UL 60947-4-1A, will have a direct impact to UL508A control panels.  UL 60947-4-1A will be the new standard for contactors and motor-starters.

Beginning January 26, 2012, all new products affected by the new standards will be evaluated according to the new requirements.  Manufacturers will still be able to request the UL 508 evaluation up to January 26, 2017.  On January 27, 2017, ALL new products affected by the new standards must comply to the new UL 60947-4-1A standards.  At that time, all certifications to UL 508 will be withdrawn.

Do not get caught with non-compliance.  NUCO Controls is aware of the changes and will ensure your control panels meet the requirements of the new standards as they become effective.