There is growing evidence and supporting indicating renewable energy is no longer decades from being a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Investment in renewable energy could surpass fossil fuels in 2012, signaling a continued shift toward clean energy technology and implementation.  Global investment in clean energy technology reached a record high of $260 billion in 2011, led by the US with an investment of nearly $56 billion.

Wind and solar energy is becoming increasingly cost competitive with coal and natural gas.  Over the past few years the cost of PV systems and wind turbines have decreased, driven by mature supply chain and technology innovations.

NUCO Controls design and management personnel have over 20+ years of experience in renewable energy.  Our 'value engineered' approach can benefit you with more cost effective solutions and improved technology for your renewable energy products.

Renewable Energy

  • Turbine power distribution, including Nacelle and Down
  • System upgrades and arc mitigation
  • Solar power conversion, combiner box design
  • Gensets, both mobile and stationary
  • Value engineering of existing designs

Renewable Energy