NUCO Controls History

NUCO Control is a new company formed in July of 2011 by five experienced individuals in the electrical control industry who believe that traditional values are a top priority.  This team is committed to building an organization
that can provide design, engineering, manufacturing and service for custom control products, power distribution,
and power quality assemblies and systems.

The traditional values that NUCO provides
to their customer partners include:

        • Open and honest communications

                - say what we mean and mean what we say
Selection of the best products for the application

        • Solid engineering for safety, specification requirements,
           quality, appearance, maintenance, availability of
           replacement parts and cost
• On time deliveries -- our commitments are our word

        • Reasonable and competitive pricing

NUCO Controls history is a "people thing" that can be summed up as a combination of our team members experiences working closely with customers over many years, providing products and services that build strong
loyal relationships and friendships.
NUCO Control is proud of its history and excited about the companys future -- as a new company with traditional values.